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Freedman worked with Alldaypa.com to enhance and launch the brand Alldaypa.com. with T Mobile. This virtual call answering business was launched into the market place in 1999

Freedman PR worked collectivly with both Singh & Alldaypa to raise its profile in the current business marketplace of its chosen sector.


Eunice Huthart Gladiator Contender & Winner

Freedman PR was instructive in launching the career of Eunice Huthart former Gladiator & contender from LWT ITV hit series Gladiators & negotiating her James Bond contract with EON Productions as leading stunt woman on the set of  the film Goldeneye.


Huthart currently works as the leading stunt woman for Angelina Jolie and is currently working on set at Guy Ritchie 2015..



George Foreman Grills

Freedman PR took great pleasure in working with various Advertising Agencies - 'The George Foreman Grill',  Promoted by George Foreman.


Freedman PR also created TV Ads for Sharps Bedrooms, Dolphin Bathrooms, Moben Kitchens & global phone giant Phones 4 U.  Various detailed work included conceptual TV advert production, media placement & seasonale editing graphic title changes.  Here is one of the adverts for George Foreman Grills.






Reuben Singh

B & B Hygiene

Bert Bourchier celebrates 25 years of success, for the company he started in Huyton in October 1986. B & B Hygiene Ltd. is the leading 'Janitorial Supply House' offering a range of quality cleaning materials, disposable paper products, work wear, industrial cleaning equipment and servicing the product supply to customers.  


Freedman promoted Singh formaly known as 'Britains Youngest Millionaire' and his business Enterprise alldaypa.com.  Singh rose with media noterity with Freedman at the helm engaging the businessman with high profile speaking events which led to Governmental appoitments.

www.alldaypa.com sideImage_history C_71_article_1021987_image_list_image_list_item_0_ headshot

Britain's Willy Wonker

Angus Kennedy

Willy Wonker BB-46[1]

UK Wrestling Champion

Kay Jutler


TV Commercial Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil

Freedman PR did corporate PR for the advertisng agency Advertising Principals to promote the making of the TV Commercial as well as being the associate producer on the project together with PSA Ltd.