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The Celebrity & Film Broadcast Media Specialist

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Freedman PR specialises in promoting people as a 'People's Publicist'.  Freedman PR promotes established Actors, Actresses, Business Personalities, MP's & Footballers raising their profile within their chosen sector personally & professionally, as well as offering a Crisis Management service.


Freedman PR also specialises in promoting Films, shorts, DVD's, books, television, features and documentaries, UK based & on an International basis


We specialise in working with people orientated brands and personalities, from celebrities through to business entrepreneurs and their enterprises and we have over 20 years client experience. Freedman PR will create a true partnership with either your 'in house' management team, or you personally. We bring a wide range of experience in all forms of media coverage, a wealth of strategic industry knowledge combined with a depth of committed enthusiasm from a properly structured campaign, incorporating celebrity based concepts, events, stunts, and unusual media, worthy news stories and novel public relations exercises for your developments intended for 2015 and beyond.


Consistency, Performance, Expertise, and Partnership are the building blocks of our success. We enable a clear defined footpath to mark the on going dramatic growth, you will continue to experience with us.

About Freedman PR

Entreprenuer & Celebrity PR

Strategic advice and tactical support for the busy Entreprenuer and celebrity is our speciality whether you have a story to sell or place, a new product launch, branding, or the media is hot on your tail.  Freedman PR has a number of strategic publicity services that can enhance you, your project or your profile including opening doors to obtaining media exposure, personal appearences and coaching for media management.

Management & Reputation

Film, DVD & TV PR - International & European Film Festival Submissions


Profile Protection!


Media crisis happens, to all of us at one time or another. We know how to take all the drama out of all manner of crisis and helps you find your way back – not just to normal life but hopefully better than before.  


Just as many of our previous clients, who wish to court publicity are also successfully protected from negative media.  People and companies are assisted with sensitive damage limitations programmes.


If you’ve got the world’s press hammering your door down is your reputation on the line?  If you’re on the wrong end of a ‘kiss and tell’ or another type of scandal and want to put your side across.  Or even try to prevent the story from appearing – you can talk to us.  A telephone call wont cost you a penny.  We can arrange ‘safe accommodation’ security and expert legal advice.


We provide people who are caught up in the media spirals with a specialist range of services including:


-24/7 media service, anywhere in the UK, at home or away.

-Action and advice in a current media situation.

-Briefing & working with the media on clients behalf.

-Assistance with rapid media response and on going fall out.

-Personal services to support clients’ daily routines.

-Negotiation and advice on placing or selling exclusive media stories

-Advice on live media issues affecting clients.

-Forward strategy planning.


-Media Presentation Training for interview techniques for press, radio, TV, & web casting & face-to-face.

-Personal styling.

-Preparation for a specific appearance.

-Support services through a network of practical contacts.

-Provision of private safe accommodation in the UK & Abroad.


We don’t just drop you after the newspapers have gone away! We can help you see beyond today’s damaging media coverage by putting strategies in place to work towards a more productive and happier times and better media relationships.

Freedman PR is an Independant Film Publicist and is therefore in a position to independantly promote your films in the UK & European Film Festival Market Place.  By letting Freedman PR handle your films promotion in this way can therefore attract significant independent interest by a distributor who will screen your films and purchase it for the UK & European DVD Market.  Please email in the first instance.  Fees and prices can be on a month by month basis per festival.  We currently act for a number of Production companies on the West Coast in LA & New York.   Freedman PR will act as your publicist and open doors whilst you undertake all the negotiations on a separate basis. Freedman PR has been involved in promoting various British Films & shorts at various National & International Festivals, which have included the Cannes Film Festival, Raindance, Sundance & Edinburgh Film Festival launching & showcasing them in their prospective market genre.


Freedman PR has handled several DVD launches, film premiers and screenings plus subsequent PR for distributors as well as independently by the production company itself.


There are 3 elements to PR for Feature Films & TV Series, please contact us to discuss these further and for a full costing breakdown and to the key areas that we promote.